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ADAMAS Corp. is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial branches worldwide. Our company is engaged in the production of goods and materials.

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Commercial history of company lasts 35 years. More than 2107 customers became our partners. We have made more than 9318 transactions. The company’s last year turnover amounted to more than 559.3 billion dollars.

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Working with customers begins long before the signing of the deal. Ever since the idea of a new product starts communicating with potential buyers. The only way to create something truly valuable.

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Bred Chimp
Honey Co.
We are grateful for their help in processing of corn fields. Your agricultural machinery is top class! The minimum cost of cultivation per hectare.
Martin Sikorsky
EX Line Ltd
I want to thank the company Adamas Corp. for the support, advice and excellent results. I refer a this company as a reliable partner. Keep it up!
Lolita Kaleribsky
Purchasing Manager,
Strange Star Corp
I recommend this company. On my request special bearings of high-alloy steel was made. Satisfied with the execution time.
Francois Trene
Executive Director,
Futures Corp
Our company is engaged in the cultivation of rice. Adamas Corp. provide quality services for chemical treatment of our crops.
Andrea Potus
Top Shop
We consider the company "Adamas Corp." as a long-term and reliable partner. Services the company of high quality. Aluminium constructions were made on time. Thank you.

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